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Founded by Birgit Hillerup and Niels Ingemann Møller in 2002, the Ingemann Group is a Danish family-owned and driven Group, working within Optical LED Components, Packaging Solutions, Agro-Data and Agricultural/Food production. Ingemann Groups operates from Denmark, Germany and Nicaragua and have partners in more than 50 countries worldwide. By nature we are an entrepreneurial and development oriented Group, and we are working closely with our business partners, NGOs and Public Institutions in many countries. We believe in long term and sustainable business practices.

“At Ingemann, our general sustainable (long term) and community oriented approach to business, lead
us to develop and implement, practices and projects with meaningful sustainable impact on the
environment and community”

Niels Ingemann Møller
Founder & President Ingemann Group

We support the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals

Selected Participant of the SDG Accelerator Program

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Ingemann A/S af 1989
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